Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Things

I'm starting a new weekly post over here called Good Things. Basically it will be a few things from throughout the week or so that have been good, beautiful, hilarious, or have encouraged me. You know, so that I can be more purposefully aware of the many great blessings in life, because I so often overlook them. And also to encourage myself to take more pictures because, well, I want to.

And also to bring a little bit of organization and consistency to this blog-o-mine.

So without further ado, a list of good things from this past week. Or so.

- Delicious dinner with lovely friends.

- Re-discovering the 30 Rock episode where Liz Lemon breaks up with Matt Damon on an airplane.

- Kitties laying in the sunlight. (And the hubs' mad photo skizzles.)

- Buying a shiny new planner. I love that part of the new year.

- Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory for me mum's birthday. I got wonderful old Chicken Parmesan with a splash of Alfredo sauce. yummm.

- Yummy chicken pot pie at my grandma's house.

- Discovering my newly found love of yoga. (Ok so I've only been to two classes so there's no way to tell so far if it is TRUE love or not yet.)

What has been the best part of your week pals?

1 comment:

  1. I tried yoga last night with Jorgen! She was way more graceful, but I only fell a couple times AND I TOTALLY LOVE IT. I believe in true love at first sight, apparently.