Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two birds. Also, it seems that I like yoga.

Here's a little hubby and wifey. BF and GF. Bro and sis. Two besties. Whatever you might like to call it.

I actually drew these two awhile ago, a few months ago perhaps. Maybe more than that, I'm not sure.

I took my first shot at yoga today. I was pleasantly surprised. At how pleasant it was. 

Of course since I am entirely not flexible or strong and my legs are shaky, my body did not look like the graceful instructor's body at any given time during the class.

But it was pleasant and I think I shall go again.

So now I am adding another New Year's resolution to the (short) list and that is to get better at yoga.


  1. What a beautiful drawing. I wish I had your talent. Xo

  2. Very adorable little birds you drew there, quite the sweet little pair. 2 thumbs up to yoga also!


  3. They are beautifull!

  4. thank you so much ladies! :D