Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Things

I have compiled a list for you of some of the good things happening around here lately.

- Banana oat smoothies for breakfast. So tasty.

- Indulging in my current obsession with the new Black Keys album. Frequently. 

- Eating at Arby's with the hubs. Roast beef sandwich with special sauce and cheese, curly fries and chocolate croissant thingy HEY-OOOO

- Lunch with my mom and sister, who afterward gave up their precious afternoon to help me clean my house and do my dishes. Because I was feeling lazy and discouraged and they are just awesome like that. But first we did a little bit of thrifting. Because that's the most fun.

- The three kitties getting along for long enough to all sit on the coffee table together. (Unfortunately we didn't snap a photo of the great event. But here's Daisy looking regal while relaxing on the couch. For your viewing pleasure. And because I don't have any other photos to accompany this post. I'm not doing so good with the picture taking lately. IF you hadn't already noticed.)

- A fun and relaxing few days away with friends this past weekend. Where we mainly just relaxed, ate awesome food, and played awesome games. It was nice.

- Reading through Mockingjay with the hubs. We have been loving this series (Hunger Games, HEY-OOO), but one of the phrases that most frequently comes out of our mouths these days is, "Stupid Katniss."
   "Hunny, what should we do tonight?"
   "Want to read about stupid Katniss?"

But if you look past Katniss' stupidity, we definitely recommend reading about her. If you like reading. And all that.

- Making progress on my new project for the shop

Thankful for happy things. :)


  1. love the Hunger Game series! I'm starting over with the first book currently to get me prepared for the movie!!

  2. Banana oat smoothies? YUM! Also, your mom and sister sound amazing. Thrifting with my own mama and sister is always a good day, even though it happens very rarely. :) I'm glad there is so much good for you! :)


  3. My husband just finished the first one and is now onto Catching Fire. I practically forced him to read them. But he's enjoying it :)