Monday, January 2, 2012

I almost forgot to give this post a title.

I've been a bit MIA from the blog scene as of late mostly because of you know, Christmas, New Years, traveling, spending time with fam, hanging out with awesome pals, and ok I will admit it. Laziness.

But here it is the start of a new year and I am ready to tackle this blog and other projects again in a big way!

And today I'm going to recap my holiday season for you in somewhat of a list form today.

Because paragraphs scare me sometimes but lists are friendly and non-intimidating.

Christmas Breakdown:

-Christmas for just the hubs and I happened on Christmas Eve morning. (There should be a shorter way to say that.) A small gift exchange and then we relaxed while watching Christmas movies and baking cookies and wrapping presents for family. My favorite gift from the hubsidizer were these wonderful, beautiful, new heels.

I'm a horrible heels-walker. Truly. But I still like wearing them!

-Christmas Eve was at my Grandma's house where there was a delicious meal, singing of carols and reading of the Christmas story, and exchanging of presents.

-Then we all slept over at my mom's place where we ended up playing Rock Band until midnight. My favorite was when we all sang Bonnie Tyler at the top of our lungs, the hubs on lead vocals. Forever's gonna start tonight!

-Christmas day we checked our stockings, opened presents, watched lots of movies, played more Rock Band (my mom discovered how much she enjoys playing the drums!), and ate TONS of delicious food. It was a simply fabulous time.

AND THEN the Christmas celebrations continued this past weekend with the hubs' family! We got out there Friday at around 1pm and headed out to the camp that his parents work at. There was yummy food, a big air competition, chats with my sister in law and sister in law to be (!), and the hubs got to ski with his bro, who had time off before his next assignment in the Air Force. Here's the hubs with his brother (dressed as a pirate because you know, it's important to do that sometimes).

-That night there were gifts to be exchanged, carols to be sung, and cards to be played. And of course many laughs to be had.

-AND the next day the bro in law (the pirate) proposed to his girlfriend! Who is now his fiance! While skiing! While we were all watching! It was the most exciting of times.

And that's my Christmas update! As I mentioned earlier, I took pretty much no photos at all (besides what you see here, and I will be honest and tell you that I took the pic of those shoes just now) of all the festivities these past couple of weeks. I had the best of intentions! I carried around my camera everywhere I went and even thought about getting it out a few times. But I did not. And for that I am annoyed, and I apologize.

I'll be back this week with more sketchbook entries and hopefully some new stuff!

Oh. And so far my only New Year's resolution is to type a post about our trip to Texas which was already a couple of weeks ago sometime within the next 7 days.

Oh. And snow finally did come! Not in time for Christmas, but just in time for New Year's Eve. There's not very much of it, but it's beginning to look a bit more like a Minnesota winter around here.

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