Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ch ch changes

You may have noticed the lack of animal doodles around here lately.

And for that I apologize.

But after awhile you can only get through so many animals when you wonder how many more can there possibly be? (As I'm sure Andrea has wondered as she has put the lists together.)

So. I'm taking a bit of a turn in a different direction. I'm going to start doing sketchbook posts at least a couple (hopefully) times a week. These very well could be more animal doodles, or sketches of anything else I happen to be working on. Some of them may be nothing more than a few squiggly lines or a silly cartoon, and some may be elaborate and detailed. I actually really love drawing people and faces but haven't done that for awhile, so I'm looking forward to getting into that again.

And when life starts to get just a little bit too crazy (as it so often seems to) I may post a few doodles and drawings from some of my old sketchbooks just for fun.

So in short. There shall still be doodles, but the doodles shall not be limited to just animals. I have loved the daily animal doodle project because it has made me keep up with drawing way more than I have in the past. And since drawing is one of my absolute favorite things, it's good. It's gooooood. I'm excited to continue on in a bit of a different direction. 

So without further ado, a doodle. Of the Christmas variety.

Oh and ps. I've got some fun plans coming up for my animal doodles from these past few months - so excited to show you!

In other news the hubs and I finally watched Christmas Vacation tonight. Such a fave.

"Well why is the CARPET all wet TODD?"
"I don't KNOW Margo!"


  1. I look forward to seeing what other sketches you share. I never even made it through one month of doodles due to lack of time and all but hope to one day finish what I started.

    Also interested to see what your animal doodle plans are. hmmmm..Sneaky sneaky!


  2. Thanks Sara! I would love to see more of your doodles someday! :)