Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift Ideas

Hi friends.

I'm wondering, are you like me, and need help with your Christmas shopping?

If so, which I'm assuming some of you MIGHT be, I have a solution for you. Check out my friend Kris' sweet little shop, Life at the Table.

Kris makes lovely handmade goods including market tote bags, produce bags, reusable sandwich bags, and beautiful drawings for your kitchen.

Now. I know from experience that her stuff is fabulous. A couple of months ago I snatched this super fun market tote bag from her shop. I LOVE the bright color combinations and intricate detailing. I'm excited to try it out at the farmer's market when summer comes back around (eternities away!!) but in the meantime I've been using it as a book bag.   

I have a lot of books I like to cart around with me (sketchbook, whatever novel I'm reading at the time, journal, bible, blog journal, to do list journal, planner, devo book, help books....AND the list goes on.) This bag is strong and durable and gets compliments wherever it goes.

So. If you like cute, lovingly handmade and awesome things or you think that someone you need to buy a Christmas gift for might, head over to Life at the Table and check out Kris' work! The Christmas deadline for her made to order items is the 15th (!! hurry, don't dawdle!) and for her in stock items the deadline is the 18th.

Happy shopping!

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