Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Festive Living Room

Here's a teeensy little sneak peak into our Christmas living room.  

We don't have a fireplace but hanging the stockings over the bookshelf is the next best thing right? My mom made our stockings - and I love them. Mine is the red one with the curly elf toe.

Basically all of our Christmas ornaments have either been given to us or we bought them in thrift stores. Which has been nice - we likeuh to saveuh da moneys.

This fabric antique Night Before Christmas book used to belong to the hubs' great great grandma (we think??) The copyright is 1908!

We have a fake tree - each year we wonder if we will give up the cash to pay for a real one BUT...we haven't yet. Our tree was given to us and fits perfectly in our front window. I just buy a bunch of Christmas scented candles including PINE - mmmm so wonderful. Christmas candles are my happy place.

As I mentioned here - our cats like to destroy our tree. A reader gave us a helpful hint though - to bend the branches over (since they are fake) so the ornaments can't be pulled off. It has helped! 

Here's a pic that's all nice and glowy. 

Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along stress-free! The speed at which December is passing me by is blowing my mind right now.

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  1. Wow, what great decorations! Good idea about bending the tree branches. My cat took down the real tree once...not the best Christmas on record. It's so nice to meet another artist!

  2. Thank you! Oh man, the tree hasn't come down yet, but hoping we won't have to deal with that! :) Just checked out your blog - love your work!!

  3. I love your Christmas decor and your tree is just beautiful!!