Monday, December 19, 2011

Just checking in ya know.

Hi! I'm back!

From where, you ask?

San Antonio, Texas. Yes that's right! We ventured to the big ol' state this past weekend. I'd never been there before, but I'll be darned if it wasn't basically as cold down there as it's been up here.


BUT. It was a very fun city. And a very fun trip. The hubs and I went down there with his family to see his lil' (but in all reality very tall) bro graduate from the Air Force's basic training. It was awesome to see what he's been up to these past few months and his clean shaven head. And his new dad glasses.

He was an honor graduate. Congrats Brent!

Brent and his sweet little nugget of a girlfriend Mackenzie.

Stay tuned, for I'll be posting more pics and a recap of our little trip later this week!

But now we are back and it's Monday and you know Mondays. They're Like, having to wake up and stuff. Not to mention going Christmas shopping for three times as long as you thought you would due to your inability to make decisions

And on top of that forgetting to eat lunch beforehand.

How can a girl possibly make important decisions about what to buy and wrap up for her family members when all that's sustaining her are two frosted sugar cookies consumed at 7am?

So, it's like that today. All Monday-ish. 

But tomorrow is Tuesday and I almost ALWAYS like those.

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