Friday, December 9, 2011

Swan Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

Trying and failing to think of something, ANYTHING to say about swans.

Oh well.

Today is cleaning day. Cleaning on sunny days is annoying because the sun shines in and alights on every small particle of dust and every stubborn cat hair. No matter how much I dust, sweep, scrub, it seems I can't get it perfect. And I'm somewhat of a perfectionist's annoying.

Cloudy day and night time cleaning is more satisfying. Though I suppose not as thorough.

Looking forward to a fun weekend filled with friends and family, starting with an appetizer and Love Actually night tonight with some pals at my place! (Hence the sunny day cleaning.)  What do you have going on this weekend?

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  1. i've been dying to watch love actually this year...can't figure out where to borrow/rent it from. ugh.

  2. You are so talented! I just followed over here from the comments section in Nat the Fat Rat. I love, love your work! Just beautiful!

    I love finding new blogs, so I'll be back to read some more for sure. If you want to come say hi, I blog over at reverie.


  3. Thanks Sarah Ann! I will definitely be over to check out reverie!