Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Also Happy Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, that is.

I decided to draw a more cartoon-ish turkey rather than a lifelike one because I prefer not to draw things that look like they have slabs of roadkill for faces.

So anyway. 

I'm thankful this season for a hubs who is always supportive and encouraging in my hopes and endeavors. Plus he makes me laugh all the time which is a SERIOUS plus.

Thankful for our loving and encouraging families. Who also make me laugh. It's a great big ol' laughing fest around here.

Thankful for fantastic friends to have fun with and to challenge me in my faith walk.

Thankful for jobs that we enjoy, a warm roof over our heads and kitties to cuddle with.

And thankful for a few days off to relax during these busy weeks! It's all warm and fuzzies over here folks. 

Hope your holiday week/weekend is very good. Great. Fabulous, even.

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