Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things that happened this weekend.

The hubs surprised me on Friday by taking the day off work and bringing me to the Walker Art Center in order to check out their new exhibit "Graphic Design: Now in Production." 

It was great fun especially since I hadn't been to the Walker for quite awhile. I was in designer's heaven as we explored film, posters, typography, magazine production, logos, and lots of unique books.

I loved this TV poster series created by Albert Exergian - which included a few of my favorite shows!

After the design exhibit we explored the rest of the museum where we encountered a rude talking computer dolphin, and a brown spiky thing that was on display under a staircase. Then we climbed some random stairs and took pictures of ourselves in this window. 

It was very much a good time.

Back home after dinner I headed out shopping with a couple of friends in search of new skinny jeans but instead came back with a couple shirts and some candles. Mission not quite successful. But nice.

Then that night I stayed up for far too late doing stupid useless things which included wandering around the house at about 1am looking for a mysterious "beeping" noise which turned out to be the hubs squeaking his nose in his sleep.

THEN on Saturday I doodled a wolf and did some other stuff that I already wrote about. And Sunday I made some delicious cream cheese pumpkin muffins - delish!!! I will post the recipe soon.

So all in all. Quite the nice little weekend there. And how was yours?

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  1. Wow! That is an eventful weekend. *drools* those muffins sound so yummy. I can't wait for the recipe.:)