Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Twinkles

I had a nice weekend.

After a ca-razy week, I packed up Saturday morning with my friend Jorgen and we trekked up north a couple hours to Duluth to visit our dear friend Beebs.

Like I said, it was a nice weekend.

What's better or more relaxing than HOURS upon HOURS of girl talk and delicious food and more girl talk? Or wandering around near Lake Superior in a free Christmas light city called Bentleyville?

That served complimentary cookies, hot chocolate, and marshmallows to roast?

Now. Normally our (the hubs and I's) rule is that there shall no Christmas spirit until the day after Thanksgiving. I wandered through this fabulous twinkle town, I felt all the warm Christmas-y feelings welling up in my chest.

And how can you fend back the Christmas spirit when you are sitting next to Mrs. Claus? (Who unfortunately was not handing out warm cinnamon rolls but only small candy canes.)

Or when Jorgen and Beebs are standing together inside a magic Christmas tunnel?

So as it turns out the Christmas spirit has arrived a wee bit early this year. BUT. Don't worry hubsy, I'm still refusing to turn the radio dial anywhere near the Christmas station until we are safely on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner. The foot is down.

And THANK YOU. Ladies. For the very lovely weekend.

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