Sunday, November 6, 2011

More things you might not have wanted to know

Time for another Sunday late night confessional! Continued from two weeks ago.

9.) Lately I've been eating a bagel and cream cheese with almost every meal. Like, just adding it to whatever I am already eating. It's just my new thing I guess but hopefully I grow out of it soon.

10.) One time in high school my bff and I made two large bowls of cake batter (chocolate and vanilla) and ate it in my room until we felt sick. Then I hid the leftover batter in my closet for a few days. My mom was upset when she didn't have any cake mixes when she needed it.

11.) I have an ear problem. As in, I don't like things in my ear. Or by my ear. Makes me CRAZY. In the bad way. Blowing in ears? So not sexy at all. And at night I have to sleep with a blanket, sheet, or my hair strategically placed over my ears so that no bugs or ceiling chunks fall into them. When I was younger (all the way until college I think) I had a special "ear blanket" that I would carefully roll and lay over my exposed ear at night. My bff thought it was hilarious to take it away in the middle of the night and watch my sleep-anguish.

12.) I chew on my fingers. It's my bad habit that I've never been able to kick.

13.) I have a very large collection of rocks. Including Agates. Also shells. Sea glass. Basically anything that you can find along the beach or the road and then put in glass vases or jars in your house. It might be a problem because I'm running out of places and ways to display them without seeming like some sort of crazed rock fanatic.

14.) I don't like many veggies. Especially carrots. They are the worst. But the good news is that I really like mushrooms. But are they even vegetables, after all?

15.) I have a really great man singer voice when I'm sick. 

16.) When I find a new favorite song I obsess over it for days and play it over and over and over on YouTube. As I am currently doing with Elliott Smith's Waltz #2.

17.) Speaking of music. I'm always wanting more. I'm never satisfied with the music that I have. I get something new and obsess over it for awhile, but soon enough I'm pining after something else and I can't rest until I have it. 

Well I mean. I can rest. But I sure think about it a lot.

Alright, I'm off. Going to bed, extra thankful for my Sunday night small group. It's so good to have encouraging people to talk, pray, and fellowship with. Can I get a big fist pump! For small group!

Ok see ya bye.

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  1. a bagel and cream cheese sounds so good! i never get cream cheese though... =[

    i collect rocks too, although my collection is pretty small now. when i was younger i used to have tooooons!