Wednesday, November 30, 2011

See ya November.

The last bits of November are trickling away.

The last bits of November have been good bits.

I got a new short hairdo.

We put Christmas decorations up.

I got to see the Muppet movie with the hubs, cousins, and sibs. It was hilarious and everything I hoped it would be and more and I wore my Kermit hat.

We got a bunch of photos printed for free! Did you know that one of my favorite things is putting photos in albums? And then looking at them? It is.

I found two new perfectly fitting pairs of jeans on super clearance.

I baked a delicious stew for the hubs which included HOMEMADE MEATBALLS the likes of which I have NEVER attempted before. You know, rolling balls of meat with my bear hands! Squashy. And they actually turned out well! Even with my slight panic in the middle where I realized I had raw meat all over my hands and HOW WILL I TURN ON THE FAUCET TO WASH THEM WITHOUT FOREVER INFECTING MY SINK WITH MEAT GERMS???

I decided at the end that my entire kitchen needed to be sanitized because of everything that was probably infected by my raw meat hands, but I think it was worth it because the hubs was a fan.

Of the meatballs, you know.

Mission make a delicious meal for the hubs because I haven't for a looong time: successful.

Here's me in my Kermit hat.

Except that you can't see Kermit. This is probably like my 5th or 10th attempt trying to get Kermit's face in the picture, but I was in the car, and the roof was like, too close to my head or something. Or my arms weren't long enough. Or I should have been looking down, maybe. But I swear that's a Kermit hat.

And I realize I look a bit ghost-like in this picture, but that's what happens when you live in Minnesota and the last bits of November are trickling to a close. Your skin becomes very very white.

Ok, see ya. Happy last bits of November to you!

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