Monday, December 5, 2011

More Confessions

It's time for some more late night Sunday confessions!

18.) Lots of times I have a hard time finishing projects that I start. I lose interest about halfway through and have a hard time getting into it again. Case in point - the mural that I started painting on the wall in my room at my parent's house while I was still in college. Still only about halfway done. Sorry Mom. Someday I will finish it and it will be awesome.

19.) I have an undying love for the Muppets.

20.) I talk to myself. A lot.

21.) And I talk to my cats. A lot.

22.) I have watched the complete collection of Friends dvd's more times than I care to count or admit. It's like comfort food! On the t.v.

23.) I have a zoning out problem. I lose myself in thought....very frequently.

24.) I licked a dirty ash tray in Romania. I don't remember why, maybe a dare or something. Ewww!!

25.) In my growing age I'm not as much as a night owl as I used to be. But I'm definitely not a morning person so then what kind of a person am I??

26.) Showering makes me sneeze.

The end! I promise I will blog more this week than I did last week.


  1. I'm with you on talking to yourself and the cats (or in my case cat and dogs) a lot, probably more than I talk to other humans some days. :)


  2. How can anyone not love The Muppets?! The new movie was great.

  3. I love all of these little confessions people put online. =]

  4. I totally love the muppets. And I totally talk to my dogs.

  5. Hehe thanks guys! It's nice to know I'm not alone in my animal talking and my muppet loving. And yes, the new movie WAS great!!!