Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap.


I had a great weekend.

It started Friday night with appetizers, chats, and Love Actually with a couple of my gal pals. What a perfect Christmas flick.

On Saturday my friend Mel introduced me to THEEE AWESOMEST little vintage treasure store in south Minneapolis. I got some huge old orange and gold dangly earrings - I am loving me the big earrings even more than usual these days since my short new hairdo allows them to hang longer than my hair. And I like it.

Saturday night the hubs and I went over to my Grandma's house for her annual tree decorating party where we yes, decorated her tree, and also ate cookies, created ornaments and set up nativities. It was good warm family fun.

THEN my sister slept over because we hadn't hung out in way too long. We watched Friends, chatted, went to church Sunday morning, chatted, ate good food, went shopping, watched Arrested Development, chatted, watched Jerry Maguire and laughed at Tom Cruise and his 90's clothes (and finally looked up what "shoplift the pootie" means), did a little more shopping, did a little more chatting, until I reluctantly drove her back to school.

Unfortunately I managed to snag zero pictures of the fun weekend.

BUT. One of our shopping destinations was my most favorite of Targets where I picked up some cookie cutters (I had none) and a cookie press for SPRITZ! COOKIES!

I'm so excited to make them.

Speaking of making food, I have been making a lot of food lately. I'm just going to take a small moment to make a braggart list of all the things I have made in the past few weeks.

Italian Stew with HOMEMADE meatballs
Pumpkin truffles.
Parmesan crusted chicken.
3 cheese enchiladas.
Lemon pepper tilapia.
S'mores cheesecake bars.
Little veggie dip appetizer things.
Gnocchi with homemade alfredo sauce.



Ok well it may look like a pretty small list to cover a few weeks but it's a big one for me because, I don't cook.

Very much.

Or very well.

Until lately! Apparently.

It seems to be a new development of my life.

So anyway.

I had an unproductive day today. My to-do list was small, but somehow I wasted the hours away doing WHO KNOWS what and forgot to do laundry, only did half of the horrifying pile of dishes on our counter, meant to go Christmas shopping and promptly did NOT, managed to be late to violin lessons for WHO KNOWS what reason, and here I am blogging and working on projects in the middle of the night instead of getting them done in the daylight hours. 


In other news, we've had a break through with the kitty drama! We have been letting Daisy out of her room almost all day each day now and only keep her in there at night. And today ALL THREE cats sat on the couch with the hubs without a hiss to be heard!

But then later they got crabby with each other again. BUT. Progress is progress. Eh?


  1. Definitely sounds like a great weekend!! And I AM impressed by your cooking list :) Thanks for your comment the other day! That's cool that you play the violin, too! I've really wanted to learn more worship songs...and I'm determined to start playing much, much more!!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I am extremely impressed. But I don't cook at all. And I love Arrested Development.