Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shop update and some old tunes.

I added some updates to the shop today - I now have a "choose any 6" and a "choose an 12" option for note cards! I know this will make things run smoother and less confusing. 

I also retrieved music off of my old ipod today. As I worked I found myself listening to the likes of Savage Garden, Imogen Heap, the Garden State soundtrack, Blink 182, and Green Day's International Superhits (the old stuff.) All music that I don't think I've touched since shortly after graduating college. It made me want to stay up all night writing a research paper I had procrastinated on while eating cookie dough, chatting on AIM, and trying not to wake up my roommates. 

(I mean, but not really.)

Ah nostalgia.

What tunes bring you back?


  1. oh man, savage garden! i remember some high school dances with savage garden... i do have a soft spot for the 90's pandora station every once in a while. so good. and so bad. they need a 2000's station though, since i forget that was more than 10 years ago!!!

  2. haha I know!! Makes me feel ooooollldd.