Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You can just call me Brigitta.

I realized I have one more day of my east coast adventure to document here. I kind of considered just skipping it because, well, it was like a month ago now.

But then I decided to not skip it. And to write it up right this moment. Let's see how this goes. I will be documenting day three. (In case you missed it and you really reeeeeaaally want to read more about my vacation, here is day one and day two.)

We spent the day in Newport, RI. Which is apparently where rich people buy huge mansions in which to summer.

Side note. This day was extra special for an extra special reason. Bethany's friend, who owns a light blue '71 Chevy Cadillac Convertible, decided to be our chauffeur for the day. It was really nice.


But really nice.

Anyway. Once we were safely packed into Ol' Blue (she actually had a girl's name - the convertible did - I think - but I can't remember what it was) and feeling like the fancy folk that we were, we headed into lovely Newport. Our first stop was to tour a mansion - called The Breakers. Apparently a really famous American family called the Vanderbilts lived there, and it was apparently very shocking that I didn't know who they were. But, I mean, I don't know...I'm just really not a history buff and maybe I should still know them even though I'm not a history buff but I just don't. Ok? 

Thanks for understanding pals.

Here is the front of the mansion.

It was really beautiful inside but unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside. But here is the view from the back.

So cool, right? I felt like one of the Sound of Music children. Maybe Brigitta. (I would choose Louisa but she falls in love with that army man who calls her a baby and then betrays her

THEN. We went on an ocean walk. 

Saw some ocean and I loved that.

Saw some more mansions which was also cool.

Then we went to a little place which I believe was called Flo's and I got some delicious fresh shrimp. MMMMM I love shrimp. Especially shrimp that is fresh and delicious.

Then we took a picture on the dream car. Ol' Blue.

Then we went on to a huge art festival near Bethany's hometown. Which is normally TOTALLY my thing. But for some reason I was feeling super exhausted and tired and I had eaten way to many fresh shrimp and, well, I didn't do much besides drink some frozen lemonade and sit at a picnic table. But then I had a "doughboy" (think funnel cake, fellow Minnesotans) and then suddenly I was craving an apple dumpling and then another one and I ate a bunch of apple dumpling crust but left most of the apple. (Remember, I'm not much of an apple person.) 

The sugar high seemed to be just what I needed and I knew that it was time to show this art festival who's boss. But unfortunately it was time to head to the airport to catch our plane home.

Next time art festival. Next time.

Then the following day once in the comfort of my own bathroom I plucked my eyebrows since I had forgotten to bring my tweezers on the trip and hadn't plucked them in awhile before I left because, well, sometimes time is short and these things are overlooked. But come the end of the trip if you happened to look into my eyes you were likely to lose yourself in a hairy foreign eyebrow wasteland.

They'll suck you in!! Watch out!!

Okey doke, well I believe this post has been more rambling than usual. Props to you if you stuck around to the end! 

In short: my trip/east coast/new adventures/great friends = I like.


  1. sounds like so much fun! i don't have a vacation excuse for not plucking my eyebrows, i've just been too lazy lately!
    i think that mansion was on the episode of gossip girl i just watched (don't judge). i don't think i really believe that people ever live in places like that... can't wrap my mind around it!

  2. went to rhode island/newport for a spring break one year to visit a friend at brown. spring there meant snow and ice though...and while we didn't get to go inside the breakers, i distinctly remember being baffled at seeing snow along the water and feeling frozen at that same little beach.

    did you learn they filmed the great gatsby there too? love that book.

  3. eef - I know, I was in a state of shock the whole time I was touring the place!

    kris - haha, so funny that you were on that same little beach! I suppose it must be a fairly popular place for the tourists to check out though. Yes I remember them saying The Great Gatsby was filmed there! It's been too long since I've read that one.