Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving was here

Hey folks! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it was of course as great as ever. We spent some time out in Wisconsin with the hubs' dad, mom, and sister. There was lots of hunting and watching of football games going on, and since I don't normally participate too much in either of those activities it gives me a great excuse to do lots and lots of reading. 

Which I love.

There was also lots of game playing, laughing, playing with kitties, talking, and eating of delicious food. 

Which I also love.

Here's the hubs' dad carving the turkey.

And the hubs' mom setting the lovely table.

AND THEN. After we came back, I swung into full Christmas spirit. I mentioned here that we like to hold off until Thanksgiving is over...and usually a little longer. But this year I was all psyched up to get my cheer on the day immediately AFTER Turkey Day. Which means that this past weekend has been full of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, decorating, Elf, pine scented candles, and the Transiberian Orchestra. 

AND getting annoyed at cats who like to pull ornaments off the tree in the middle of the night and bat them around the house until you get up in a irritated groggy haze and squirt them with a water bottle.


But no Christmas shopping yet. AH! I gotta get on that. It's a whole month away and it's ALREADY stressing me out. 

So. How was your Thanksgiving?

And does Christmas shopping stress you out too??

And how do you keep your cats from stealing your ornaments??? Our tree is ridiculously empty along the bottom section and yet they STILL manage to swipe them! Little weasels.


  1. Our cats are obsessed with our tree, not so much the ornaments as the physical tree, they climb in it, its horrible, we still hav'nt found a solution to keep them away from it. But i norder to keep the ornaments from falling off we hold the branches back over to keep the ornaments in place (this obviously only works if you have a fake tree though). Hope this helps!

  2. Christmas shopping totally stresses me out. And I have exactly none of it done. Whoops.

    My dogs totally geek out every year with the ornaments - AN ENTIRE TREE COVERED WITH BALLS! But fortunately they've only managed to destroy 2 so far. Fingers crossed that we're not chasing dogs around in the middle of the night.

  3. Hflo - we DO have a fake tree! I should totally try that, thanks!!

    Cindy - haha, how to tell dogs that tons of little colorful balls are NOT for them? After that first night I left the squirt bottle under the tree as a threat, and the cats have been good since then. Not the cutest thing for under the tree, but I'll take it! :)