Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Minneapolis Weekend

This past weekend I got to spend lots of time downtown, which is one of my very favorite places to spend time. On Friday night I headed to the Guthrie Theater to watch their production of Pride and Prejudice with my mom, sister, and grandma while baby girl got to stay home for a date with her daddy. We got to the Guthrie with plenty of time to sit out on their endless bridge and enjoy the river view. The sky was in a delightfully cloudy mood.
AND of course we enjoyed the show. I was more than enthralled because the guy who plays Pete Campbell? On Mad Men? (Vincent Kartheiser is his real name.) Was playing Mr. Darcy so I was just a tad star-struck to see him right there on stage in front of me. Now if you are a Mad Men fan and also a Pride and Prejudice fan as I am, you may be wondering how a Pete Campbell type can ever be believable as a Mr. Darcy, especially when you are accustomed to Mr. Darcy being of the Colin Firth variety. And what a daunting task it must be! To hold up to a Mr. Darcy of the Colin Firth variety! I wondered the same thing and am still wondering, after the fact. Let's just say that it was a much more Pete Campbell-y type of Darcy, which was different but not horrible, when you allow your mind to open up to new possibilities. Plus there was a brilliant kiss at the end between the leads which my Grandma didn't approve of since there is no kissing talked of in the book, but the rest of us agreed that we all WISH there was kissing in the book and so were glad to see it on the stage.

On Sunday the hubs and I had a couple friends over to watch Paisley and headed to a wedding. The reception was at the Nicollet Island Pavilion, which is one of those places that I always wanted to explore, but never remembered that I wanted to explore it when exploring opportunities came up. But now I have! And it was lovely, as was the wedding. I asked one of our friends there to take a pic of the hubs and I since we were all dressed up and somewhat matching, and my request was taken so seriously! We were directed to various spots where the lighting was just right, we were posed, and such lovely photos were taken. He even did some redo's when we discovered that my dress had been wrinkled in some weird spots. I was so thrilled that I hugged him, right there! The hubs and I don't get in too many photos together these days, which is a silly thing.
And we end with a lovely sunset view of my favorite bridge in Minneapolis, the Hennepin Bridge. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

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