Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Something new.

For the longest time I've been intimidated by color when it comes to the fine arts. My safe zone is my gray graphite pencils and in my sketchbooks you will find pages and pages of grayscale drawings.

But I've been starting to feel bored. And held back by my grays. I'm tired of shading and shading and shading and trying to get all the dimensions the image requires with a single color.

There's only so much grayscale shading one can do before one starts feeling annoyed.

Also, I'm trying this new thing where I'm not letting myself be held back by the fear of failure? Trying to not be held back by the fear of failure has been good to me this summer. Very good indeed.

So I asked my mom for some pastels for my birthday. I've worked with pastels a bit before but have never had any of my own. Yesterday during baby girl's nap I gave them a try, and people. I have a new boyfriend and his name is called drawing with pastels. Don't tell the hubs.

I didn't want to waste a ton of time pondering what to create (I often have problems wasting time because of my incredible indecisiveness) so I used a foxy sketch from a couple months ago as my inspiration. Here is the original sketch:
Here are some progress shots. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough knowledge of color to know what to put where, but I pushed that aside and just did what I thought might look awesome.And here is the final outcome! I was surprised with how quickly it came together and how pleased I was with the result. I think pastels and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.   
And don't worry your pretty little head about the hubs, he already knows about us.


  1. What a lovely fox (I do like the simplicity and sweetness of the original sketch, though)...I personally ♥ using pastels, although it's been a long time!

  2. Love the fox. I haven't used pastels in forever and wonder what it would be like. So excited to see you experimenting and with such beautiful results.

  3. this is AMAZING! be sure to make & sell prints of your pastels, because, like i just said, this is AMAZING. also, i know our babies grow up way too fast, but being a few months ahead, i want to assure you, a newly walking baby/toddler is SO FUN!!!! i know i've said every phase has been my favorite, but the last few months have been my favorite. i can't get enough of seeing her poochy little buns and legs toddling down the hall.