Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is my pile of random thoughts for the week.

The following is a list of unrelated thoughts that ended up together in this post. (See unrelated duck photo above.)

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In the whole of my lifetime I have had the good fortune of never having anyone puke on me (besides myself.)

Until I became a mom.

What do you do the first time someone pukes on you? It's like time was frozen and I had a surreal moment of clarity. This is what my life is like now. I'm a mom and I get puked on sometimes because that's what happens. And there is no one around to clean it up except me.

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Something that I did right this week: cutting up a ripe juicy nectarine and eating it with cookies and cream ice cream.

Something that I did wrong this week: eat pizza rolls for lunch three days in a row just so that they would be gone and out of the house and no longer a temptation.

Something that I did right this week: ate all the pizza rolls so they are no longer around to tempt me.

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Here is a word of advice. If you are alone in the car with no baby in the back seat, riding down the freeway on a cool night, and "Linger" by The Cranberries comes on the radio as you are channel surfing, then you should most certainly roll down your windows and crank the volume and shout/sing along with the words even if you get most of them wrong. It will help you regain your youth.

That is, if you are a nineties child like me.

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You will be shocked to hear this but we turned our heat on last week. Just for one half of a night. Minnesota be crazy like that. JULY.

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I've been taking out my sketchbook every day lately, which is something I haven't done for at least a year and a half, when I used to do the Daily Animal Doodles. It's been nice, but also a bit discouraging as I can see that my drawing skills have gone into hibernation after not being used for so long and it's going to take some time and effort to wake them back up. But I'm trying this new thing where I am gentle with myself instead of beating myself up for not being perfect? A good thing to work on, right? Yes, I knew it. So keep drawing I will.

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Never go to the mall in your work out clothes, even if you only have to run a quick errand. You will feel like a frump, because the mall is a place where people go to look their very cutest.

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  1. I go everywhere in my workout clothes. True story. Although, I try to avoid the mall as a general rule anyway. Is it weird that malls stress me out? Maybe don't answer that.