Wednesday, August 21, 2013


She climbed into her bumbo seat all on her own and was extremely pleased with herself.
Until she realized that she didn't know how to get out!

This is a particularly frazzled sort of a week. 

The sort where I am continually making lists of the things that need to get done and what my schedule should look like, but then I get so overwhelmed that I don't do any of the things and instead look up 90's music videos on YouTube with the hubs.

The sort where I finally remembered that I had a gym membership and decided to go to yoga, only to discover that yoga was canceled because they were refinishing the floors. I hadn't remembered to pack tennis shoes as a back up work out plan, even though this sort of thing has happened before. I would have just left but baby girl was so thrilled to go to kid's club (the pointing and the shrieking and the bouncing!) that I felt bad taking her right back out. So I went on an elliptical machine in my flip flops, feeling like everyone was staring at me the whole time even though I'm sure no one was. Oh the curses of going to the gym by yourself! Going with a work out partner is much better so that you feel secure and confident in your elliptical practices and the considerings of all the people who you think are looking at you in your flip flops but really aren't.

Although I have to say, going on the elliptical in my flip flops instead of my tennis shoes felt very breezy and fresh for my feet, instead of hot and suffocating.

I'm really not a huge fan of tennis shoes.

But somehow it seemed like my work out didn't really count, anyway. Since I was wearing flip flops? It was more like it was just a funny joke of a work out because flip flops are for jokesters.

How many more times should I type flip flops?

flip flops

flip flops

flip flops

Ok that's enough.

And so this is the sort of week it's been! The sort where I forget to buy smoked gouda cheese for the smoked gouda pasta salad that I'm planning to make, so instead I have to use cheddar.

The sort where I keep banging the bony part of my ankle into hard pointy corners of furniture because I'm trying to cross the room to do all of the things on my list too quickly.

And it's only Wednesday! I'll let you know how I'm faring next week.

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  1. Smoked gouda is on my list of favorite things. I'm sorry about the pasta salad.

    I love that you stuck it out and ellipticaled away in your flip flops.

    Hope the week is turning around and your ankle is saved from any additional bruising!